Bantayan Island 4 stars!


  • You will fall in love with its fine white sand and crystal clear blue waters.

    Two of the main attraction of the island is its crystal-clear waters and it's long stretch of powdery white sand. The stunning sunset will really spice those romantic walks on the beach. One of the reasons the island is famous is its peacefulness, the way a resort should be. Unsaturated beauty and a combination of sweet smiling natives made the island as it is now.

    The island, which is composed of three municipalities, specifically Bantayan, Madridejos & Santa Fe is also generally known as the “Egg Basket” in the neighboring regions because it has been generating over one and a half million eggs a day to supply the growing demand of eggs for mainland Cebu, Negros, Panay and even Leyte.

    Bantayan Island has a remarkable dialect, mixture of Ilonggo, Waray and Cebuano.And its tone changes from town to town. The people in every town just have their own of expressing it.

    Like its dialect, each of the three towns has its own character. Bantayan considered as the town proper of the island has 25 barangays and the basic infrastructure. The town is known for its mouth-watering dried fish and squid.

  • The island can be reached via ferry services from San Remigio, Cebu to Santa Fe, and from Estancia, Iloilo and Sagay to Bantayan municipal wharf. Bantayan Airport handles infrequent flights from chartered planes usually arriving from Mactan-Cebu International Airport.

    Goods are shipped through Bantayan municipal dock. There is also a small dock in barangay Baigad capable of handling small pumpboats. However is in a very poor state of repair, and hasn't handled any vessel since 2007. There two lightstations on the island, one within Bantayan municipality and one within Madridejos municipality.

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